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Lady Traveller Bhutan Tour

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Lady Traveller Bhutan Holiday: Explore Bhutan in Style

If you are looking for the perfect girlfriend getaway where you could simply disconnect from the world with your girlfriends and connect with yourself and one another? look no further! step into the Himalayan kingdom for a transformational luxury experience. Skip the hustle and bustle for your next vacation, gather your girlfriends for a relaxing getaway where each of you will be relaxed and renewed during your 6 days at the Himalayan Kingdom. Prepare yourslef for an unforgettable time during your trip to Bhutan. 

Our blissful offerings for you

5 Nights 6 Days Luxury Tour Includes

2 Nights in Thimpu at Le Meridian

3 Nights in Paro at Zhiwa Ling

Delicious meals in the resort and local cafes

Internal transfers and sightseeing in a comfortable Luxury SUV


Lady Traveller Bhutan Holiday: Explore Bhutan in Style-DAY 1

As the cloud clears through the Himalayan mountains, you will touch down at Paro Bhutan. Feel the fresh air as soon as u step out of your plane. Its greenery as far as the eye can see! surrounded by majestic mountains, can you be in a better place than this for your vacation?? Isolated yet connected to yourself your Bhutan luxury vacation has just begun!

You will be welcomed by our Bhutanese representative where you and your girlfriends will receive a complimentary gift set from Ayurva. Enjoy the elegant and luxury side of Bhutan!


Lady Traveller Bhutan Holiday: Explore Bhutan in Style-DAY 2

Wake up to paradise with your favorite people. Excited?? You should be! Brace yourself to be amazed at charming Bhutan. The cool breeze and the calm vibe is just what you needed.Enjoy your breakfast at La Meridian, and thereafter you will be taken to Thimpu for sightseeing around the city. Explore the rich culture of the Thunder Dragon, make sure to take your camera with you! Bhutan is beautiful and photogenic land where every picture you take is nothing short of perfect!

It's time for a delicious Lunch at a trendy cafe in Thimpu, where you can Indulge in some local cheese and chilies!

During sundown, visit the famous Buddha Point and witness the night view from the hills. It's ideal time for you to capture some stunning pictures from the top. Thereafter, you will indulge in a delicious dinner at the luxurious Le Meridian.

How about a soothing pampering session with your girlfriends in the hotels spa or dip in the heated indoor pool? Can you end a day a better way?

Lady Traveller Bhutan Holiday: Explore Bhutan in Style-

Day 3

Lady Traveller Bhutan Holiday: Explore Bhutan in Style-Day 3

Wake up to another exciting day of discovering Bhutan!

After enjoying your delicious breakfast at Le Maridian, you will be taken to Paro. Just as the moment you set your footprints in this Himalayan Kingdom, your drive to Paro will be second to none. The breathtaking views of the lovely countryside, warm & genuine hospitality of the people will bring you immense peace and serenity. These happy vibes will set yourself in ultimate peace to enjoy every moment spent in the beautiful land.

En-route to Paro, you will have a stopover at a farm house where you will get the opportunity to in Indulge in Bhutanese authentic cuisine. You will also have the opportunity to master some Bhutanese cooking techniques with your girlfriends which will come in handy once you return back home! This session will let you mingle with locals who are as lovely and friendly as you could possibly imagine!

You finally arrive at your destination! Paro!

Check in at the Luxury Zhiwa Ling while you indulge in some pampering spa facilities or stretch and bend with some revitalizing yoga if you are up for it during your vacation in Bhutan!

After a relaxing time in Zhiwa Ling leave to Old Town. Visit one of the oldest temples Kyichu. Offer a prayer flag and light a Bhutanese butter lamp as you meditate good and pure thoughts for you and your loved ones around you and then to the universe.

Lady Traveller Bhutan Holiday: Explore Bhutan in Style-

Dress like a true Bhutanese Lady

Feel the authentic experience of a true Bhutanese life as our Bhutanese lady guide will assist you to dress up like a true Bhutanese during this visit! Make sure you snap those pictures with your girlfriends & you will want to whip out that camera to capture these blissful moments.

Enjoy your dinner at a traditional Bhutanese restaurant in Paro City.

Why not relish in a refreshing spa treatment at Menlha Spa or sit down and unwind at Mad Monk Bar while you laugh and share your day with your tribe!


Lady Traveller Bhutan Holiday: Explore Bhutan in Style-DAY 4

Brace yourself for some adventure on your fourth day in Bhutan!

It's so worth the climb!

A exhilarating climb to the legendary Tiger's Nest Monastery. This an adventurous and spiritual experience for all the climbers. The hike to Tigers nest is a must do things in Bhutan!

Remember to stop on your way to the monastery and admire the peaceful nature of Bhutan. You will be given a packed snack, chocolates and water to keep you going during the climb and your guide will be ready with a cup of good ginger tea whenever you need to take a break.

As you reach to the top, the mesmerizing monastery is nesting in a corner of a cliff words cannot describe the feeling of being there in person! Close your eyes for a minute and strengthen your spirituality, offer a prayer flag or light a butter lamp and be grateful for the moment you are experiencing during your Bhutan trip!


Lady Traveller Bhutan Holiday: Explore Bhutan in Style-DAY 5

As you have reached your final morning in blissful Bhutan, enjoy a hearty breakfast at the resort. You also can Indulge in some "me time" at the resort spa or sip a warm cup of tea at the tea house and walk into the meditation room "The Green Tara" and drift into some soul-searching meditation.

If you are looking for some yoga, contact the Spa for some refreshing private sessions.

Lady Traveller Bhutan Holiday: Explore Bhutan in Style-

During lunch, try a luxury option at Uma Paro or at Bukari Restaurant in the city for some locally sourced organic meals.

Lady Traveller Bhutan Holiday: Explore Bhutan in Style-

Make Memories with People that Matter


Lady Traveller Bhutan Holiday: Explore Bhutan in Style-

Have a relaxing afternoon with your girlfriends, maybe go for a walk in the city in the evening and shop for some Bhutanese souvenirs to take back with you from your trip to Bhutan. Indulge in some refreshing local coffee at a cafe and head back to your resort. It's time to simply relax and enjoy a scrumptious dinner at a local restaurant in Paro. 

Overnight stay at the luxurious Zhiwa Ling and prepare yourself for the departure on the next day.


Lady Traveller Bhutan Holiday: Explore Bhutan in Style-DAY 6

Farewell to Paradise!

After breakfast, leave to Paro airport for Departure. As this is your last day at this Himalayan paradise, embrace each moment you spent with your loved ones, contemplate the thoughts and the experience you had during your holiday in Bhutan. As you bid farewell to your girlfriends getaway in Bhutan, leave home feeling renewed and pampered. Bon Voyage! 



Specially for you , Ayurva wellness perks

Travel with Ayurva and receive an exciting complimentary gift set during your holiday to Bhutan

Why women choose to travel with us?

We are a company that is headed by extraordinary girl bosses. Hence, we can easily relate to women travelers. Their comfort and safety is our utmost concern. Our team will be in touch with you throughout your holiday with 24hr assistance. 

Ayurva also offers female guides for women travellers upon request druing your trip to Bhutan.

What you will be experiencing on your luxury tour to Bhutan

  • Visit Bhudda Point in Thimpu
  • Farm House Experience en route to Paro
  • Temple visit to Kyichu ( Offer prayer flags and Butter Lamps )
  • Dress in traditional Bhutanese attire
  • Hike to Togers Nest Paro
  • Souvenir Shopping in Paro

What makes us special

  • Best Wellness deals
  • World's Best Wellness Travel Agency
  • Specialised wellness team
  • Fast responsive time for you inquiries
  • 24/ 7 personal care during your holiday
  • Handpicked resorts & packages exclusively done for you
  • Tourist board approved travel agency

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We are all aware that the world is going through a challenging time right now and it’s a time of transformation and healing!




We are all aware that the world is going through a challenging time right now and it’s a time of transformation and healing! And our thoughts are with everyone who is going through these challenging times and our gratitude to the ones who are risking their lives and their time to speeden up the recovery process.

As a part of the Wellness Community we believe that this is a time to Slow Down, Sit & Reset.Every Destination that you wanted to travel to has ceased granting Visa temporarily until the challenging times are passed by. It is a measure taken to accelerate the process of recovery and healing.

We have taken steps to monitor the global situation and develop a forecast of our own with the help of experts in the Wellness Industry. At Ayurva Traveller, we have identified as this is a time to slow down and reset, it is a time to think about the future and prepare for any unprecedented situations that may occur.

To help you continue to book with Ayurva Traveller, we have taken the following measures:

  1. Exceptional Cancellation Policy

  2. Refund Request

  3. Amazing Discounts of up to 50% for New Bookings

  4. Minimal Deposit Fee & Zero-Interest Installment Plans

Focusing on your Immunity

We have identified that as we have been living fast paced, break free lives, we have become vulnerable to any diseases that come in various forms. Immunity of an individual plays a bigger role in protecting our body and mind! In the light of this realisation, we are preparing Signature Immunity Boost Retreat to help you prepare yourself for the future. The uncertainty of the future and the busier times ahead require our bodies and minds to work in harmony and in order for that to happen our bodies and minds must be healed and strong.

24/7 Assistance & Support
  1. You can contact our team of Wellness Specialists to seek guidance on the upcoming healing journeys

  2. Personalized Ayurvedic Journeys to assess your body, mind and spirit.

We would like to take this moment to thank you for your patience during these challenging times. When you’re at home, remember to take some time to reflect on your thoughts and heal your body, mind and spirit. Develop a keen interest towards any wellness activity to keep yourself healthy and to boost your immunity