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Uta Gunawardena

Uta Gunawardena

Kundalini Yoga, Reiki Master

Uta Gunawardena-Yoga specialists

Born in Hamburg, Germany, my yogic journey started in the mid 1980’s at a health club in the heart of London, UK. As a student of economics, systematic family therapy and languages, I was looking for something that reaches beyond the logical explanation and labeling of everything. The introduction of yoga and mindfulness became the guiding thread that has spun throughout my personal history of moving countries, career changes, marriage and birth to a now seven year old daughter. Formerly working, as a marketing event manager, for a bank in Germany, I know the challenges of a day packed with appointments and constant traveling very well. Kundalini Yoga has given me the tools to stay calm and focused in the face of those challenges. Before finally finding my true home in Kundalini Yoga, I practiced different forms of yoga for many years. I am passionate about helping people find their true voice and live from the heart. Sharing yogic and eastern philosophies related to awakening the greatness that lies within every one’s self is part of every class. All classes are combining kundaliniyoga  practices with astrology, attuning ourselves with universal power by aligning our whole Being with the cyclical rhythm of the Sun and Moon. The student will be guided through coordinated movements, deep breathing exercises, chants, stillness and laughter to help releasing of what’s not working any more, stepping into the fullness of life with more radiance and from the heart!

My vision for every living soul on our Mother earth is: May you have vision to see your potential, and faith to believe that you can! Then courage to act with conviction, to become what you were meant to be! It's not how high you build your dreams that makes a difference, but how high your faith can climb. Believe in the impossible which is the possible you!

With over four years of Yoga teaching experience with children and in the corporate world in Sri Lanka, at wellness Centers, the Diabetic Association and various hotels in Sri Lanka, additionally I hold a certificate as a Reiki Master and Teacher,Marketing Manager and Simultaneous Translator(English/German specialized in psychology and medicine).