Ayurva Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Travel stories and reviews by our very own Ayurva guests who entered the wellness lifestyle with a wellness holiday with Ayurva. Get inspired by their experiences with us in Sri Lanka, Maldives & Bhutan

Maldives Holiday with Ayurva

Maldives Holiday with Ayurva

Anantara Dhigu, Maldives

Just got back from a memorable stay in the Maldives. The stay was flawless and appreciated the phone call on our anniversary. Would be recommending you to friends here who are planning Maldives ‘ Sri Lanka holidays.

Date :29th January 2017

Mr. Jaideep Shah

My very first experience at Bhutan

My very first experience at Bhutan

Zhiwa Ling Hotel, BHUTAN

I have had an amazing time in Bhutan and it is probably one of my best holiday experiences!  The guide and driver were amazing and  made me feel that I am travelling with two friends instead of being a solo traveller.  I was totally immersed into the lifestyle and culture of the country and had the chance to try various local cuisines.  Would definitely love to go back again, thank you! 

Date : 30th April 2017

Phylicia Ang

3 Nights in Maldives

3 Nights in Maldives

Holiday Inn Kandooma , Maldives

Thanks a lot for organizing that wonderful holiday 

We are more than happy to have selected you guys to organize it for us .

Job well done .... bravo


Date: 28th April 2017

Luvini Ranasinghe