What to expect when you are on a wellness holiday

A wellness holiday is lot more than packing your bag with a heap of fashionable clothes, shoes and getting ready with a long list of items. It is more of a lifestyle not just a travel where you would focus on enhancing your wellbeing or maintaining the current level of wellbeing while you explore a beautiful destination. While technology and urbanization has gifted us convenience and comfort to our lives we cannot ignore how it has also poisoned our lives with pollution, stress, sleep disorders and unhealthy diets and less time.

This is why "Wellness holiday" has become a hot topic and every one of us need to break the pattern of fast moving life, take a wellness break for a healthy and a sustainable life and here is list of must does for you next wellness escape. It is ideal to choose and exotic destination or a calm and serene place closer to the nature.

Pamper yourself with a spa break

Pamper yourself with a spa break

Spa holiday at Four Seasons Landa Maldives 

If you think spa is only associated with the word “pampering” you are missing a lot !!  

A massage received by a skilled therapist will not only rejuvenate, relax and recharge your body with improved blood circulation it can take away your stress and put you to a beautiful goodnight sleep. Pick a detoxifying massage from the spa menu which will eliminate the toxins you have been carrying in your body while the “serotonin” hormone is released to give you the heavenly “feel good “status.

Let it be a facial for glowing anti-ageing skin, an aromatherapy massage and a bath ritual to recover from insomnia or an exfoliation massage to refine your skin and restore the natural moisture it has an amazing power to bring a priceless calmness and connect your inner senses. To get the most out of your spa break go for a spa which offers natural/ organic ingredients! 

Relaxing yoga & meditation

Relaxing yoga & meditation

Yoga and meditation holiday Taj Exotica Maldives

Yoga or meditation or both together is something not to miss when you are on a wellness holiday… This is where the destination you pick becomes vital.. Imagine practicing your favorite your postures on a over water yoga pavilion in the Maldives while gazing at the turquoise blue sea from every corner of your eye… meditating among the blue pine trees of Bhutan while the cool breeze touches your skin smoothly… 

Both yoga and meditation brings a state of “mindfulness” where the outside world doesn’t affect your thoughts and you are in the present moment.. living that moment..   

The recent Haward studies done in 2014 have presented astonishing results that meditation helps to stimulate self-awareness, compassion, and introspection and increase in quality of life and wellbeing. Yoga has immense benefits of building strength, flexibility while opening up yourself to love and compassion towards your own body. Hence while physically keeping yourself active with your routine of Gym or other exercises find the peace and serenity within you and welcome a spiritual detoxification. 

Get closer to the nature

Get closer to the nature

Barefoot Luxury at Soneva Fushi Maldives 

Think of the amount of polluted air we take into our system every now and then and think of the last time you stepped on the grass bare foot….. This is the time to breath that fresh air explore the nature trails, dive into the marine world full of wonders or simply take a walk in the woods for a forest bathing..   

Have you heard of “barefoot luxury” at Soneva Fushi Maldives ? Remove your trendy shoes from the time you enter this magical island and walk barefoot and enjoy the luxury while breathing in fresh air, stay in a Robinson Crusoe style wooden touch villa while the rest of the world stands still !  

Earthing creates supply of electrons from the earth which helps with the immune system, and a balance of sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system

Digital detoxification

Digital detoxification

Trekking in breathtaking Bhutan

It is about listening to your inner senses and allowing yourself to disconnect from the rest of the world full of responsibilities, deadlines and finding “ me time”

Keep your smart phone and the laptops away as much as you can while you take this wellness break! Let the mind connect with the sound of the water, touch of fresh air and the beauty created by the mother nature..  This will allow you to refresh your mind and thoughts, let the positive vibes breath in to the system which can help you to get back to the busy world again as a refreshed and recharged individual.

Healthy cuisine

Healthy cuisine

Ayurvedic healthy cuisine at Ayurevda Pavilion Sri Lanka

When you take the journey of wellbeing try to add healthy cuisine which can harmonize with the rest of the activities of detoxifying and rejuvenation.

Avoid the use of canned and processed food and enjoy delicacies made from fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs and let the detoxification starts within. Some hotels and resorts have started creating their own fresh organic gardens which allows them to cater healthy cuisine right from the garden to the guests plate. Get your hands on a cooking demonstration by the chef to learn how to make healthy and nourishing food when you get back home.

It is not necessary to take long breaks for your wellness break, it can be more affective to take short breaks often which can help you recharge your system and enhance your wellbeing and vitality an return to the real world which is filled with endless deadlines and challenging work on a daily basis. 

Find a wellness retreat at an exotic destination and pack your bags with your loved one or your best buddy or even travel as a solo traveller. There are wellness retreats available around the world..

Ayurva Traveller offers such retreats with luxury and comforting accommodation, nature activities and unique spa experiences to immerse yourself in a travel that will recreate your energy level, reconnect your mind and body which can become a life style for a healthy living.