People go in search of peace of mind with the promise of privacy, healthy food, excellent healthcare and the like when it comes to taking an Ayurveda holiday. And the trend now is to call Asia the hub of Ayurveda. Indeed, it may be so; but within that hub, there is one destination that delivers authentic promises, and that is: Sri Lanka.

This tiny island that dots the Indian Ocean, we believe, is the true home of true Ayurveda. The science has been passed down from generation to generation where people have built their lives around securing medicinal herbs and roots that have been proven to heal, and the art of administering them in the right conditions and at the right times.

Building on tried-and-tested methods that are part of Sri Lanka's indigenous culture, many hotels, resorts and retreats in the island are centering their wellness holidays around Ayurveda treatments. And it is easy to see why the industry is progressing so much in Sri Lanka; there are so many vital aspects to the science that come naturally to the island.

One basic necessity in the practise of Ayurveda medicine is the need of tranquil surroundings where one can indulge in the treatment process and rest while it works its healing. Sri Lanka is blessed with beautiful and peaceful surroundings being an island encircled by the lovely blue seas, in addition to scenic mountains and rivers inland that provide the ideal ambiance for Wellness.

It is indeed advantageous that Sri Lanka also lays claim to authentic Ayurveda treatments where the knowledge that governs the medicine is age-old, with time-tested remedies that come from the very essence of nature. In fact, it is almost sacrilege to use artificial remedies in the guise of Ayurveda, and its effectiveness is demonstrated in the widespread belief of the local population even in the cities that the healing properties of Ayurveda cannot be replicated by western medicine.

As a country that focuses on giving of its best rather than churning out services that generate money, Sri Lanka's Ayurveda industry is highly specialized and gives emphasis to results rather than quantity. Thus, most Ayurveda resorts contain few rooms that located few and far-between in order to guarantee the maximum success in its wellness procedures that require total peace of mind and body.

Best of all, Sri Lanka is known for its warm hospitality, and this is certainly not lacking in the Ayurveda industry that has a reputation for personalized, caring service. The doctors and professionals are well-trained, and no chances are taken with any guest's health. Ayurveda resorts and sanctuaries also prepare their food to healthy perfection that allows for a complete healing in all of its guests.

So, given all this, what more could you ask for in an Ayurveda Holiday? Sri Lanka is indeed, the hub of Ayurveda in Asia.