Santani as the name suggests, abundance of harmony awaits for you in the gorgeous hill country of Sri Lanka Kandy. Santani claims to be the first and only purpose- built wellness resort in the whole island of Sri Lanka. The resort is a fully fledged wellness resort with a Spa offering a variety of wellness activities and treatments while cuisine are tailor made to suite the body type of their wellness holiday seekers.

The drive from kandy city to the Santani wellness resort itself is an experience where you keep elevating yourself high up on the mountains passing through lush green tea bushes.

 As you enter the resort, be ready to immerse yourself in blissful nature where only harmony exists. We were welcome by the staff at the entrance with a beautiful smile and given the option of either walking up through the hill to reach the arrival lobby or taking a tuk tuk. The arrival lobby is surely one of a kind building which I have never experienced in Sri Lanka.

Drawing inspiration from the great architectural beauty of Kandy, the arrival lobby which also houses the restaurant upstairs is built up with a simple yet elegant style with timber floor platforms and glass windows which let you enjoy the nature outside. Resort’s concept of creating simple and rustic living spaces which connect you so well with nature also goes hand in hand with the resorts aim of creating minimal effect on land and nature which surrounds the resort. I was amazed by the fact that most of the wood used in the lobby building was made out of re-used wood which promises you even more about their policy of sustainability and eco standards.

05 nights Luxury Yoga retreat with Ayurveda based Spa pampering at Santani Resort

Silence in the new luxury, away from our busy lives, endless digital devices controlling our mind, it is time to relax , reconnect with the nature while detoxify your inner self with Yoga, pampering spa treatments and tastefully made healthy dishes. Enjoy the minimalistic luxury, serenity and inner peace with this special package. You will be leaving with the positive vibes, feeling rejuvenated and more focused.

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The villas are situated secluded from each other to provide privacy you crave during a wellness break. Simplicity is again embedded in your living spaces which comes with your bedroom, basic amenities and the terrace overlooking mystic mountain tops. You can still pamper yourself with organic products lying in your shower cubical which definitely leave you with a heavenly smell and a touch. While there is no TV in the room and wifi is only provided upon request to adhere to the resorts wellness policy of digital detox, you will hardly feel the need of getting digitally connected at this beautiful space. Of course unless you want to click your camera to take back beautiful memories with you.    

You can spend hours gazing at the beautiful mountains top in the evening sipping a cup of Ceylon tea at your own private terrace. Morning can also mesmerize you with that beautiful backdrop which calls you to sit back and relax or spend sometime meditating, listening to the calming sound of nature. Who will need to spend time browsing through Facebook when you see this amazing view !

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Enter the serenity of Santani Resort, one of the most prestigious Luxury Wellness Resorts in Sri Lanka. This location has been handpicked for the peace it affords, and the spacious property is ideal for any wellness seeker.

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Kick start your mornings with a guided trek to the near by river or with an energizing morning yoga sequence. I just completely fell in love with the yoga classes I attended during my stay with the beautiful yoga instructor Jill at their lovely yoga pavilion. Mornings will start with energizing Vinyasa flow while she would end evening sessions with a touch of yin yoga to end the blissful evening with a calming note. You can also try Arial yoga under her guidance which is a beautiful experience for all yogis. If you are looking to enhance your yoga practice with one on one sessions, you are most welcome to book the yoga instructor for private sessions.

As a wellness resort, there is so much of thought that has gone in when creating the spa at Santani. While having beautiful open air treatment rooms, it also houses the first hydrotherapy facility in Sri Lanka. Thermal salt soak, steam room, infrared sauna have added the luxury element in the spa. Both Ayurveda and western treatments are offered at the spa and well trained spa therapists will create a heavenly spa experience for you while you enjoy the fresh air and sound of birds during your session. 

Detox Wellness Package Santani Resort 4 nights

A blissful wellness holidays awaits for you amidst the mystic mountain tops of Kandy Sri Lanka. From the moment you enter this peaceful oasis, your mind and body will connect with nature and its amazing healing….

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Cuisine is an integral part of the whole experience here at Santani. Your wellness journey starts with the consultation with doctor at the spa who will identify doshas ( vata, pita , kappa) according to ancient Ayurvedic science and chef will use his magical creations to bring color and taste to your cuisine which will go inline with doctors prescriptions. At Santani there is no restrictions on going with a complete vegetarian diet and yet meals are prepared to suite your wellness program while making sure you enjoy every bit of your meal whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner. The magic is created with less carbs, less oils and using fresh ingredients that would end up with a well balanced meal and as the chef mentioned he will be looking at serving you all six tastes which an ideal well balanced meal should have. So you can still imagine a mouth watering six course meal to indulge in either Sri Lankan / western or fusion gourmet meals.    


Santani is indeed a paradise for wellness holiday seekers who also want to bath in luxury amidst nature. The modern aspects are well offered to their guests while also allowing guests to experience and relish the healing goodness of nature which can totally relax and rejuvenate you from within.