Bhutan!! Mystic Himalayan Mountains, the kingdom of the thunder dragon.

A country with preserved nature, full of beautiful pine tress and greenery everywhere. In winter you see the beautiful snowy mountain peaks and pines trees covered with snow. Summer comes with lot more greenery with apple tress everywhere and turning everything around you in to a green lace tress, paddy field you can see greenery everywhere..

Japan introduced forest bathing in 1982, called Shinrin-Yoku meaning taking in the forest atmosphere.

Forests give us the opportunity to get close to the nature, listening to sound of the water streams, birds, and the scent of trees.

Spa finder 360 introduces forest bathing as the new trends in wellness in 2015. 

It is interesting to see the growing trend in this, hotels and retreats coming up with forest trails, deep nature retreats, in forest Yoga Retreats and so on.

It is amazing to understand how the forest therapy helps to heal the human body, reduce the stress and depression, helping to increase the immune system.

Forests always amazed me. My childhood was filled with the dreams of adventurous journeys to the deep forest, getting lost in a deep forest.

It is beautiful to understand how we need to go back to the nature to heal ourselves.

Bhutan is an ideal country with their greenery, monasteries in green mountains and resorts build inside blue pine forests.

Tiger nest hiking is my first experience in Bhutan in Forest bathing. Trail is falling inside a dark pine forest. You can scent the pine trees, fresh air breathing in to you, feeling you more closer to the unspoilt nature.

Climbing to Takgshan was very challenging, however every time I was taking a break I was so happy to be surrounded by nature, those blue pines and greenery.

Coming back experience was much better. Walking down through the pine forest took all the tiredness away. Fresh cold air entering to your body makes you

energetic and the feeling of happiness were everlasting through out the journey.

Amankora Bhutan properties in Thimpu & paro, both built inside a deep pine forest. Enabling the guests to take walks in the forest, experience yoga or hiking 

Or simply relax looking at the breath taking scenery. Serene environment is ideal for your enjoy Silence or for meditation.

Woods are safe and beautiful. Your experience does not cost you any extra money. This is the environment of the resort you stay. This what they offer you ..

Bhutan also can arrange picnics in the Woods, where you spend a day exploring and hiking, enjoying a nice home cooked organic Bhutanese traditional meal in

the woods. For us who travel from busy city life, Bhutan is a heavenly destination which is ready to take us in to their nature, send us back home as De-stressed relaxed and rejuvenated person.

I am positively waiting for my next forest bathing experience in Sri Lanka.

Ayurva Wellness hotels in Bhutan :

(Source: Spa finder 360- wellness trends in 2015)