A century of wonder & women

2017 was a year of many suppressions and fighting back. 2017 was the year an amazon goddess with a lasso was reborn as the Wonder woman and defeated an evil scientist. It was also the year a female director (Patty Jenkins) fought her way for equal pay and trampled Hollywood sexism. It’s no secret that Wonder woman became a beacon of empowerment for all the women out there. It was inspiring, staggering and definitely wonderful.

The current and third wave we are residing has made heavy progress with the movements of women, and millions of women voicing their opinions. 2018 embarks on a new wave of feminism that moves with more of “micropolitics” of gender equality while driving a more of a political concept of self-care. 

We can agree with a group of women and more of “us” that there is little to no development to “solve” the women’s bodies and lives through government or medicine.  This is where the powerful intersection between women empowerment, feminism and wellness is born. This feminine approach to wellness is extremely overpowering and unquestionably one of the key wellness trends in 2018. 

Ayurva Traveller meets women's empowerment and wellness

Ayurva Traveller meets women's empowerment and wellness

Ayurva Traveller has always been devoted to your wellbeing and happiness. We are building a culture with Ayurva Travellers that look beyond stress, anger, constraints to achieve the ‘happiness meets wellness’ trend in their lives. We, at Ayurva Traveller as a wellness travel agency, don’t consider ourselves as just providing you with an ordinary vacation. We are focused on the key wellness trends that are crucial to your life and happiness. 

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“Feminist Wellness” is not just a concept or a laid down theory for us. We have embraced the combination of women empowerment and wellness at Ayurva Traveller, to provide women out there to travel and enjoy a luxurious vacation focused more on their wellness and happiness while finding inspiration, friendship, female connections, peak wellness and ultimately themselves.

Ayurva Traveller as a Retreat Facilitator on women focused wellness getaways

Ayurva Traveller as a Retreat Facilitator on women focused wellness getaways

Self-discovery, self-growth and conscious healing through the Ayurva Journeys will lead you on a path to rediscover yourself and turn your life into YOUR hands. Retreats in beautiful and blissful countries such as Bhutan, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives will help you in discovering the woman you were born to become. 

Our retreats will offer a life-changing opportunity to take few steps back from your life and step into a nourishing and enriching environment filled with like-minded women and programs that focus on wellness, healing, local activities, meditation and yoga in the most beautiful destinations that are surrounded by nature and exotic beauty. 

Our most recent retreat was packed with the most enriching and empowering experiences a woman could experience during a journey away from the life bombarded with stress, depression, and anxiety.  The retreat was filled with blissful waves of laughter and like-minded women re-discovering themselves while taking a break from their lives. We as a retreat facilitator worked alongside a lifestyle coach from middle east from creating an itinerary to bring about the most nourishing, refreshing and rejuvenating experiences to all the female voices participating in the retreat.   

As we all know, the location with a peaceful environment will have a great impact on a retreat. Ayurva always thrive to provide the best for clients and we found just the perfect location for our client and it was indeed a beautiful experience for all the women who wanted a getaway experience. Tailor-made local cuisine for the taste buds and domestic experiences of Ceylon was the icing on the cake that made the retreat more fun and joyful. 

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Enjoying the tropical beauty in the island at the heart of the Indian Ocean was an experience of a lifetime. On top of that, we at ayurva had joyful and refreshing experience while being with the women with extraordinary spirits. 

If you want to know more about the retreat, here are two testimonials from two incredible like-minded women with a positive attitude and vigor. 

Join us to create your next adventure and you will find joy, relaxation, friendship and YOURSELF that will indeed help you heal mentally, physically and emotionally while staying on top of your game.