As, Wellness Travel Experts, We also love to travel and find the most beautiful location and astounding resorts in the Destinations We offer you. From little pit stops to luxurious resorts, we want to give you an experience that is unlike any other. So was the result of our little road trip to the southern part of the Island. We decided that we need to share our experience of this vacation with you so that you can see how wonderful this island is.

On a sunny Saturday morning, we hit the roads to head to the South East Coast of the Island. After speeding upto 100 mph in the highway, we were tired and mostly in need of a snack. After 30 minutes or so, we passed the most beautifully breathtaking rice fields, most commonly known as paddy fields in Sri Lanka (“Kamatha” or “Kubura” in Sinhalese). We need to tell you that Bali is not the only place for you to take those paddy field walks and breathe in the fresh air. Sri Lanka is quite popular for its rice production and paddy fields and the southeastern part of the island is known for its prosperous paddy fields.

Our first stop was near one of these paddy fields. It was indeed extremely relaxing and peaceful. There was a grandma selling CORN “Bada Irigu” and of course we had to have one of that because who wouldn’t want to. This lovely lady gave us the crunchiest and yellow corn we have seen for a while. Taking in the view with the corn in our hands, we relaxed for a moment. The wind is howling in our ears while the fresh air would brush against our face. It was definitely serene.

After this pristine experience, we drove for a few miles passing more glorious paddy fields on our way. When you’re in Sri Lanka, don’t forget to wave back at the Farmers and Local Farmers on the side of the road. They’re always with smiles and greet you to their country with blossoming greetings in the form of a wave. After making a stop to have a “divul” drink (wood apple drink) we were headed towards the dry zone of Sri Lanka.

We have to admit, we had doubts about reaching the dry zone (Yala) because when we did visit a few years back there was not much to see. But We couldn't’ be more wrong now because it was a complete change of scenery and feeling. It was absolutely fresh, scenic and miraculously beautiful. It was like we were on an African Safari to see the wild elephants. We couldn’t believe our eyes at the pristine beauty and the wonder this country can offer you. It was absolutely beautiful and aspiring. We were taking the bends to reach our hotel and with each bend on the road, the skies got clearer and bluer. We were completely astonished by the beauty and the colors of nature.

After a drive of 5 hours, We finally reached our destination. We are excited to tell you about our experience at the most unique resort in Sri Lanka. The welcome was completely amazing and everything was perfect to every little detail. The tea-infused welcome drink took away our fatigue from the long drive and we had time to stretch our legs and walk around the resort. The architecture and the interior of the Wild Coast Tented Lodge have been done to perfection. From the brass bathtub to the tent itself was the definition of a perfection lodge. It was a paradise in the land and everything felt and was luxurious.

Since we got a little late, We had our high tea at the Villa itself. But you can move to the restaurant and enjoy your high tea with a breathtaking view of the sky. After enjoying our high tea We headed to our Bootcamp session with our trainer. And you can say that we got an intense workout near the beach. It was refreshing as it was intense. Our yoga teacher explained us the workout sessions we had to complete and demonstrated for us as well. We can comfortably say that during your vacation at the Wild Coast Lodge, you can definitely keep up with your fitness routine with an expert in the field guiding you.

After the intense boot camp session, it was time for us to pamper of course! Our muscles were definitely sore and tired from the 5 hours ride and the workout and this was a heavenly session which we absolutely loved. The spa pampering session lasted for 60 minutes in which we felt more relaxed and comfortable at the resort. After the delightful pampering spa therapy session, following the BBQ at the Resort, We relaxed under the clear skies. If you’re a photographer wanting to capture the night sky, this resort is perfect for you because of the less light pollution, the skies are clear and breathtakingly beautiful and astounding. The stars will be gazing at the Moon on the sky with its rays sparkling towards every direction.

Day 02 at the Resort began a little early for us. At 5.30am we headed towards the beach for our morning energizing yoga session and the meditation session. After our yoga and meditation session, We felt more energized and excited about the rest of our vacation at the Resort. Is there any way to top this experience? YES! After our wellness activities, We went on our game drive. Imagine yourself in a Safari Jeep, in your best camp rock clothes and driving to the wild, with the wind brushing your hair and sunlight brushing off of your hair. That was our drive around the woods of Yala. It was quite similar to African Safari and the things we saw!

We have to say that even though this island is small, it has a lot to offer you and the seasons and the ever-changing weather patterns and the waves of the ocean and the tea plantations and spices make this little island the most sought after island. And now we know why Historians referred to this little island as Ceylon. Definitely a diamond among the rough stones in the Indian Ocean! We recommend this island to anyone who’s looking for a vacation! WHY? Because you can simply find everything here!

After heading back to the Resort and having our breakfast which we must admit was extremely yummy and filling, We decided to get out there and do our own photo shoot. I mean, everybody needs those gram worthy captures yes? After a long day, we headed to the road to continue with our road trip. So, do you want to know what happened next during our little road trip? Await Part II of our Roadtrip!