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About Ayurva Traveller

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What is Ayurva?

Ayurva: Ayu – life, R – relaxation, Va – vacation. This is the main premise of our service; creating a vacation which gives priority to relaxation and rejuvenation, and inspiring travellers to lead happier and healthier lives.

Ayurva Traveller specializes in wellness holiday packages for the discerning traveller seeking luxury, rejuvenation and inner-peace. Ayurva provides the opportunity for travellers to embark on tailor-made wellness holidays in Asia, a journey where you focus on personal wellbeing centred on the mind, body and spirit. Ayurva believes in cleansing the body and mind simultaneously to achieve total relaxation and to reach higher potentials within individuals, hence we pave the way for a continued lifestyle of wellbeing.

We also work with resorts on Spa and wellness conceptualization, which helps resorts to be transformed in to wellness resorts. We continue to work with these resorts as retreat facilitators, assisting them to practice total wellness activities within the premises along with Ayurva’s experts.

Message From Managing Director

I believe in absolute wellbeing and practice is myself on a daily basis. Having discovered the benefits of Yoga, meditation and a healthy lifestyle is what made me combine my travel expertise with wellness. I truly believe that one can unleash his / her true potential through total wellbeing. Having this in mind, I welcome all my clients to experience conscious living through a healthy lifestyle and Ayurva Traveller have paved the way to start this journey with a luxurious wellness holiday.

We hope to inspire people through our wellness package to continue this way of life. Our primary objective is to enhance your personal wellbeing and my greatest satisfaction is receiving good feedback from my clients about their experiences of Ayurva wellness holidays. It brings me great pleasure to know that we helped them relax, de-stress and achieve inner peace. We wish to elevate our clients’ wellness holiday experience through an organic approach and clean eating whilst enhancing their physical energy through Yoga, meditation and other activities. We provide not just a mere holiday but a complete lifestyle where we introduce our clients to a sense of total wellbeing through self-awareness, connecting the mind, body and soul.

Message From Managing Director

Why Ayurva?

Ayurva Traveller is one of the very few travel companies offering luxurious wellness packages to some of the most exotic destinations in Asia.

We have identified Maldives as a destination which offers contemporary, luxurious wellness solutions, whilst Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Bali offer more age old, traditional and contemporary fusion methods of holistic wellness

  • Top end resorts are carefully selected to provide wellness facilities and inclusions while promising luxury.
  • A wide range of packages at each resort are specially designed for Ayurva Traveller, tailor-made to suite all individuals while selected and inspected by the Ayurva team.
  • All our packages are compiled with the assistance of Ayurva team of wellness professionals who are qualified and updated with latest wellness trends.
  • We are ready to assist you in catering to your individual needs with tailor made wellness packages

Our Promise

Ayurva Promise

We at Ayurva Traveller believe in providing the ultimate holiday escape combined with emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing through tailor made luxury holiday packages which will enhance your ability to connect with our inner self, spiritually and positively. Our primary objective is to enhance your personal wellbeing through the healing of your mind, body and soul. We wish to elevate your wellness holiday experience with an organic approach and clean eating whilst enhancing your physical energy through yoga and meditation. Your wellbeing is our primary concern. You will leave as a rejuvenated, spiritually fulfilled individual ready to continue the Ayurva way of living throughout your long, healthy journey of life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide tailor-made luxury wellness holiday solutions to individuals with a holistic approach towards wellbeing, while contributing back to the community with a conscious effort to harmoniously co-exist with the community and the environment.

Our Travellers

Ayurva wellness holidays are ideal for those who wish to detach from their busy lives and focus on themselves, to find inner-peace with meditation, to find grace and energy with yoga, to be rejuvenated and revived with healing Spa treatments and to immerse in endless luxuries.

Our Philosophy

The Ayurva philosophy is based on the simple concept of contributing towards connecting with the inner-self and finding inner peace with a sensory experience which is beyond a mere holiday. Self-awareness and conscious living is what we want you to achieve at the end of each holiday, inspired by the Ayurva way of life.

Ayurva Story

The Ayurva story is a story of un-planned success, a sudden epiphany that was born in the mind of our Managing Director. Nilusha Kodituwakku who is a travel industry professional with many years of experience was seeking out a way of de-stressing in a positive, healthy way. She was intrigued by Yoga and its benefits and decided to take a less on, from then on she became an avid Yoga practitioner. She then inspired her sister to follow her footsteps in to practicing Yoga. Nilusha and her sister, Imesha loved the results of practicing Yoga as it transformed their lives as individuals and as professionals. The self-awareness, the happiness which they experienced was unlike any other. With the inspiration they received from Yoga, they wanted to combine all aspects of wellbeing in a luxurious environment, hence was born Ayurva Traveller. Ayurva’s beginning was with just one individual, but we continue to inspire travellers around the world with the benefits of taking a luxurious wellness holiday.

The Ayurva logo designed by the two sisters themselves is a message of the Ayurva philosophy. The eight hearts personifies the experience of a Spa, Meditation, benefits of healthy eating, awakening of the inner-self by healing, being selfless by volunteering, results of fitness activities, connecting with nature and the gracefulness of yoga. The four main hearts which binds the Ayurva square resembles the mind, spirit, body and soul which are the four dimensions of the human body. We believe that a traveller who experience a holiday which offers all eight of these components will achieve ultimate peace together with total rejuvenation. The lotus in the meditative posture symbolizes ultimate peace and relaxation which defines the core values of Ayurva Traveller.

Our Assurance

Your safety and security is of utmost importance to us, which is why we use the latest cutting edge technology to protect your personal information while transacting through our payment gateway. We continue to up-date our payment gateway with the latest security systems to provide a safe transaction experience.

Our Resorts & Hotels Partners

Our Resorts & Hotels Partners

Ayurva Accolades

Ayurva Accolades

World's Best Wellness Travel Agency 2017

Ayurva Awards

We are pleased to announce that ayurva Traveller won the best wellness travel agency 2017 at the world spa awards. The highly anticipated winners of the 3rd annual World Spa Awards were revealed at a dazzling ceremony, which took place at the glamorous JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay earlier this month alongside the World Travel Awards Grand Final. We proudly celebrate this achievement with our clients, Hoteliers and our talented team who have shared our vision and all who supported us from inception, without your support and trust this would not be possible. With this achievement,
We at Ayurva Traveller will humbly continue to serve you with the very best of service catering to your individual needs in order for you to have a blissful holiday of your dreams!

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We are all aware that the world is going through a challenging time right now and it’s a time of transformation and healing!




We are all aware that the world is going through a challenging time right now and it’s a time of transformation and healing! And our thoughts are with everyone who is going through these challenging times and our gratitude to the ones who are risking their lives and their time to speeden up the recovery process.

As a part of the Wellness Community we believe that this is a time to Slow Down, Sit & Reset.Every Destination that you wanted to travel to has ceased granting Visa temporarily until the challenging times are passed by. It is a measure taken to accelerate the process of recovery and healing.

We have taken steps to monitor the global situation and develop a forecast of our own with the help of experts in the Wellness Industry. At Ayurva Traveller, we have identified as this is a time to slow down and reset, it is a time to think about the future and prepare for any unprecedented situations that may occur.

To help you continue to book with Ayurva Traveller, we have taken the following measures:

  1. Exceptional Cancellation Policy

  2. Refund Request

  3. Amazing Discounts of up to 50% for New Bookings

  4. Minimal Deposit Fee & Zero-Interest Installment Plans

Focusing on your Immunity

We have identified that as we have been living fast paced, break free lives, we have become vulnerable to any diseases that come in various forms. Immunity of an individual plays a bigger role in protecting our body and mind! In the light of this realisation, we are preparing Signature Immunity Boost Retreat to help you prepare yourself for the future. The uncertainty of the future and the busier times ahead require our bodies and minds to work in harmony and in order for that to happen our bodies and minds must be healed and strong.

24/7 Assistance & Support
  1. You can contact our team of Wellness Specialists to seek guidance on the upcoming healing journeys

  2. Personalized Ayurvedic Journeys to assess your body, mind and spirit.

We would like to take this moment to thank you for your patience during these challenging times. When you’re at home, remember to take some time to reflect on your thoughts and heal your body, mind and spirit. Develop a keen interest towards any wellness activity to keep yourself healthy and to boost your immunity